My Mews

Meet Jake the cat. Jake actually belongs to my son but since Nolan has gone away to college, Jake has adopted me as his surrogate lap. in the picture he looks very innocent sitting smack dab in the middle of the sofa, but don’t be fooled. His favorite place is on my lap, or if that spot is taken by my computer, off to my side snuggled into my left arm. As you might imagine, this makes it very difficult (impossible) to use my keyboard with my left hand rendered useless.

Add to this the very annoying trait of touching his paw to my face if I forget to pet him. It’s not a slap in the face, exactly, more like a soft little love pat, but its meaning is clear. “Pet me or suffer the consequences.” Unfortunately, the consequences don’t happen to be leaving my chair. No, its more like skooching closer to me, dominating my space, laying clear across me, whatever it takes to get my attention. He has even been known to resort to laying across my keyboard making the touch pad useless, typing coded cat language across my screen which I’m sure must be saying derogatory things about my lack of attentiveness.

I have often heard a muse is bothersome, won’t leave you alone, forcing their ideas into the path of your creativity. Yep – that’s the definition of my Jakie. My mews of choice.


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